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Excellent to see clear support from the Petersfield Labour Councillor for changes to Mill Road Bridge. (Leaflet dated late 2022).

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Two cycles with flat bars and panniers (two on the left-hand cycle and one- on the right-hand machine). The cycle on the left has been reversed in. Men tend to be wider above the 'clutter line' (the ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. These two Sheffields (cycle parking rack design) are further apart than others. 120cm is the minimum to be comfortable, in my view. Other image this subject today: #190844. Other image today and lin ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. The space has invited people to dump rubbish here. Doesn't make this location look good or feel safe. Including to leave a cycle right next to. Could it be marked with a symbol of a cargo or family ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Lock sharing (2, marked with red boxes) using the cycle parking sign (see also: #190827, #190735).However I took it as this is the first cargo cycle I have come across that is lock sharing. The spac ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Context and links: #190839.

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate close to the junction with Colliergate, York. Badly sited rack. Too close to everything. So the owner of this cycle has had to secure it at an angle. It's not supported as it should be rather it's wedged. ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] Hospital Fields Road, York. Tier hire e-scooters and e-cycles. And an advertising A board for this branch of the three-strong local cycle shop Cycle Heaven ( Overv ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] Bootham Bar, the city walls, York Minster, the De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. The planks used as hoardings on the De Grey Rooms are the colour of the stone of the city walls, Bootham Bar and the Minster. Cha ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. I don't know what the "less haste" means. I think they could have fewer words and more images... Of what's behind the hoardings, what's planned, the timeline and a before and ( ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. The planks of the hoardings (left) on the De Grey Rooms mimic the cladding on the side of the York Theatre Royal ( - rear walls in image. Other imag ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. Planks as hoardings on the De Grey Rooms ( Interesting approach. But there’s a lot missing. People passing on foot, ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. Space requirements for this type of cycle design - and the impact on the pedestrian route. Context and links: #190824.

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. This image shows the width the cycle on the left needs compared with a standard cycle. Context and links: #190824.

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. Good practice: cycle parking in the city centre. With signage that helps you remember where you left your cycle. Further, there is practical information about securing your cycle on the other side of the ... [more]

Contraflow cycling permitted on the service roads, Roubaix

Route signs, Roubaix - there's also contraflow cycling permitted in the service road ahead

Start of off-road cycleway and route signs, Roubaix

Route signs and tram, Roubaix

R-shaped bike stands, Roubaix

Route signs, Roubaix

Bike-sharing station at the business school, Roubaix

Pedestrian route sign towards the Villa Cavrois, Roubaix

Modal filter on the track from the Villa Cavrois, Roubaix

A useful route towards the Villa Cavrois, apart from the barrier

Barrier on a cut-through from the Villa Cavrois, Roubaix

Cycle parking inside the entry to the Parc Mallet Stevens, Roubaix

Route sign and cycle parking stand at the Parc Mallet Stevens, Roubaix

Cycle parking outside the Villa Cavrois, Roubaix

The obvious route from the Villa Cavrois, but the gate is locked.

Dutch-style road environment, with one lane for two-way cars, which have to move into the cycle lanes (if clear) to pass.

Cycle lane moving off-road

Route signs and new parallel crossing, Roubaix

The obvious route to the Villa Cavrois, but the gate at the far end is locked.

Parallel crossing and route signs, Parc Barbieux, Roubaix

New parallel crossing of tramway and road, Roubaix

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[Image taken 14.6.21] Spring Lane Building, University of York, York. Two examples of best practice - though, as with all the examples on the campus, you have to know they exist and where to find them. A designated disabled space (see: #170 ... [more]

[Image taken 4.2.23] Esplanade cycle parking, West Esplanade/Wellington Row (below Lendal Bridge), York. These racks are within easy walking distance of the city centre. For people on this side of the city/river you can avoid the queuing tr ... [more]

[Update: Change to scheme 29.7.22 see: #185003] [Update: the Tier e-scooters/e-cycles are now on the opposite side of Marygate carpark see: #169647] [Image taken 1.3.21] Marygate car park, York, Tier electric hire scooters ( ... [more]

[Image is Street View from August 2019] Hoardings on Station Road, junction with Rougier Street, York. This is a key route into York from the station. This makes it one of the first but also last views of the city visitors will have. The ho ... [more]

New and very clear parallel crossing from Parc Barbieux, Roubaix

Cycleway and tram lines in Parc Barbieux, Roubaix

Cycling is permitted on all these paths, so it's hard to see what the metalwork is for.

Route signs in Parc Barbieux, Roubaix

Empty bike-sharing station at a tram stop, Roubaix

Transition from on-road to off-road cycle route

Shared-use route, Roubaix

Cycle parking at a small park, Roubaix

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  • Icon 190851 20mph and speed bumps need to be in place
  • Icon 190850 20mph and speed bumps to slow traffic.
  • Icon 190849 There needs to be a wider pavement so that pedestrians don’t need to walk in the road almost all down high st.
  • Icon 190847 Traffic travelling too quickly
  • Icon 190846 Widen pavement for pedestrians
  • Icon 190845 The pavement is narrow and difficultly fit pram and child side by side
  • Icon 190838 Needs a 20 mph limit as Road is very narrow and is subject to speeding vehicles - there is no pavement
  • Icon 190835 Stoney Steep is a key and well used walkway with many public footpaths linking to it. However, it doesn't link to other footpaths on the other side of the B3128 or to any of the bus stops. Indeed the bus stop by Noahs Ark Zoo farm is pretty much inaccessible to residents as there are no safe pavements.
  • Icon 190834 Add a safe pedestrian crossing to allow people to cross between the estate and the vet school.
  • Icon 190833 Remove the 30mph section and maintain a steady 20mph throughout the village.
  • Icon 190832 Vehicles do not give way to uphill traffic. Better signage would helpful.
  • Icon 190831 Zebra crossing to improve safety at school

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