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Photo listing: cycleways

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This listing only shows photos within Alsager.
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New wider shared footway around Tabley Interchange.

New, much wider shared footway around Tabley Interchange. A big improvement on what used to be here.

Bit bumpy but otherwise fine.

New path from the Middlewood Way to a new housing estate. Bit bumpy but otherwise fine.

Cycleway on the new link road

The new link road from the Giantswood Lane bridge

One of the worst surfaced roads in Cheshire. Little better than a track for cycling

Dreadful surface of the old airfield perimeter, dangerous for cyclists

Converting this footpath into a Cycleway would massively improve active travel into Handforth Dean

There is no pavement or cycle path which makes it dangerous for those wishing to walk or cycle. The cars here drive fast. There is lots of rough ground at the side of the road for easy conversion.

Down Radnor Bank there are high walls on both sides making this a very narrow stretch of road and there are many accidents involving cyclists and a vehicle. Overtaking by any vehicle of cyclists for this short stretch should be banned.

It would be very useful if cycling was allowed on this this wide footpath. Gives quieter access to Victoria Park .

Cycling and walking access to the park is poor. Footways are too narrow and you have to go on carriageway to enter park. Could widen out footway into park to create safe access.

A523 from A555 to Poynton is a poor surface. Simply adding a cycle way to the side - which is long overdue - without resurfacing will relegate cyclists to a very poor surface. Resurface then segregate.

Roads are too narrow in the shared space section, cars force their way past squeezing cyclists into the cobble stones in the gutter, so cyclists feel it is safer to ride on the pavement, which is wrong. The road surface is too slippery as … [more]

Add a dropped kerb here for wheelchair access and widen gate for access onto the Middlewood Way - put a ramp access from the Nelsons Pit car park down to the Middlewood Way instead of the stepped access also drop the kerbs for wheelchair … [more]

Cycle way all along Chester Road is poor - the cycle lane has a very poor surface and is only partially along this busy road - a cycle lane is needed the whole length of Chester Road - needs to be well surfaced and much better marked

By making this a permissive bridleway a circular route from Disley would be possible through Lyme Park.

Cars and especially lorries/buses cross into inside cycle lane on blind turn to take “racing line”. Segregate with armadillos

Very heavy traffic. Completely unsuitable for such volume of cars and lorries, let alone cycling or walking. A dedicated bypass with cycleway is needed urgently. Then semi pedestrianise the village.

This road is very dangerous for walkers or cyclists. It has no pavement. The workers from the skip hire company and other drivers drive a great speed with poor visibility over the hump of the canal bridge. A pavement for walkers and … [more]

20mph speed limit through Bollington

Impossible to negotiate the gate onto the Middlewood Way from Princess Street with a bike. Several issues like this on the Middlewood Way.

Easier bike access to Middlewood Way. I get pulled down the steps pushing my bike and pannier. Look at ramps like they use in Denmark for cycle access

Timing on pedestrian crossing is slow. Can be stuck waiting for ages in the middle island. Lights need to change more quickly for pedestrians and cyclists

Cycle lane all the way up Beech Lane or 20mph speed limit. Cars overtake too close and it can be difficult to turn right into Coare Street

This is a fast narrow road with over 6000 cyclists per month. It is a very popular cycle route. More should be done to make this road from Lees Lane to the end of Bonis Hall Lane more cycle friendly

This is a narrow fast road that has over 6000 (6 thousand) regular cyclists per month (Ref Strava)

This is a 30mph limited road, but many cars go too fast. Many children could use it to cycle to school if there was a segregated cycle lane

Cars come too fast down this stretch and many park on the pavement. It's well used by cyclists and a cycle lane is needed

Access to Middlewood Way for bikes from Wellington Road

Remove metal barriers from this route they are unnecessary

Turn this footpath into a bridle way so cyclists can use it as a traffic free route, remove the barriers currently preventing cyclists using the path

There's a "no cycling" sign at the end of Brookhouse Close, naturally everyone ignores it, the sign should be removed.

If the hardstanding path that begins at the Macclesfield end of the Bollin Valley was extended its entire length to Prestbury it would provide a flat and traffic free connection between the two places which would also provides a connection … [more]

Bushes need cutting back allowing cyclists to cycle in cycle lane Between Dorchester Way and Dunbar Lane

This road remains a 40mph speed limit road which appears to be a legacy from when it was the main arterial route in and out of Manchester. Given the adjacent bypass the speed limit is inappropriate and unnecessary. It should be reduced to … [more]

The route under the railway bridge heading east has intentionally been made into a chicane to force traffic heading west to give way. Unfortunately a significant number of motorists ignore cyclists and fail to cede way to them meaning the … [more]

There is a dashed line [advisory] cycle lane which is ignored by motorists parking in it on a daily basis. This forces the large number of cyclists that use this route (being one of the main routes out into Cheshire from Manchester) out … [more]

A cycle way joining up Prestbury Rd with Cumberland St would mean cyclists could use this as a route in and out of Macclesfield town centre. At present cyclists have to mount the pavement, and dodge pedestrians.

Barriers at end of Calveley Rd need removing, they prevent use of traffic free routes by cyclists, mobility scooters, prams, wheelchairs

There is a "No Cycling" sign on Chestergate. Spot it near Mens Den barbers. Naturally nobody takes any notice of it - it should have been removed years ago, cyclists can share Chestergate perfectly safely.

Barriers need to be removed, they discriminate against cyclists, pram users, mobility scooters and wheelchair users.

Park Lane is wide enough for a chevroned cycle way down each side. Similar to these images. Doing so would highlight to cars it is a shared space. Reducing the width with highly visible paint will also slow down the traffic. … [more]

Road surface is appalling, particularly at junction of Gunco Lane and Byron's Lane

Barriers need to be removed to make cycling easier.

Cycleway to connect Haslington and Crewe

We need a segregated cycle way all along the A6 from Whaley or perhaps Buxton all the way to Manchester City Centre. MANY, MANY more would be interested in cycling to work along this route if the cycle lane was properly segregated, both … [more]

Allow cycles to travel both ways and further restrict motor vehicles coming south

No cycle facilities between Sandbach and Middlewich.

Barriers have been placed here to close off disabled parking as a social distancing measure. The barriers should be set back because they remove an escape route from vehicles that are forced to encroach on the cycle Lane to pass cars parked … [more]

Deter parking on the cycleway next to the parade of shops between the churchyard and the market square, as this forces cyclists into upcoming traffic.

At this point, the road narrows to 6m wide, and parked cars force upcoming one way traffic, sometimes HGV delivery lorries, into the cycle lane. Parking should be prohibited at this pinch point.

Deter parking on the cycleway next to the parade of shops between the churchyard and the market square, as this forces cyclists into upcoming traffic.

Allow cyclists to ride through roadworks

High speed traffic at 2 crossings at new housing development. Make crossings safer by reducing speed limit, widen island. Improve cycling facility into existing housing estate on footpath FP11

Wide road, no cycle lanes. Cycle lane required along full length of road through Wilmslow, both directions.

Vehicles speeding on blind bend. Reduced speed limit and cycleway.

Speeding vehicles in 30mph section through village. Shared space or cyclelane.

Tighten the radius into broughton to make cycle path safer to cross westbound. Currently most cyclists move into the carriageway early to assume a primary position to avoid left hooking

Advance stop line westbound

Advance stop line needed here westbound on nantwich Rd and southbound on Edleston

No provision to join the Macon way cycle path from town, a dangerous mini roundabout

The cycle path simple ends at a dropped kerb. There is enough space for a cut in so cyclists can join the carriageway safely

The main road through the centre of Mobberley village experiences excessive speeds. Traffic calming measures needed between Broadoak Lane and Mill Lane

This junction is at the top of a steep hill. An advanced stopping line [ASL] is needed at the traffic lights

Need more space for cycling and a speed reduction to improve safety to cycle from Oakhanger to Crewe

Right turn across fast moving traffic. Suggest lights as this the cycle/pedestrian route to the sports club

Fairly busy road especially during working hours. Pedestrian refuges create dangerous pinch points. The width of the road facilitates excess speeds from motor traffic

Narrow road, high trees, poor visibilty

Remove centre white line and install cycle lanes between Abbey Road and Station Road. At 'pinch-points' for cars introduce give-way/priority arrangements for cars.

Along the whole length of Congleton Road, remove the centre white line, and install cycle lanes, minimum width of 1.50 metres. Where there are 'pinch-points' for car traffic, introduce priority for one direction and give way for the other. … [more]

Build toucan crossing outside Elworth CE Primary School as stated in the S106 agreement for the Elworth Hall Farm development. Additionally, convert pavement here up to School Lane to shared use for pedestrians and cyclist. Furthermore … [more]

'pop-up' cycle lanes between Abbey Road and Park Lane and

One way street. Car parking on the side outside the barbers'. Remove car parking and create contraflow cycle lane.

Make the existing cycle line segregated to allows cyclists to join the A555 cycle lane without fear of traffic.

This road has become absolutely appalling. It was never built for the level of traffic it carries and most of the folk coming through have no idea of the shared space idea and assume that car is king. Suggest a segregated, protected cycle … [more]

Upgrade footpath to cycleway to run alongside A34 to Little Moreton Hall.

The cycleway goes along the pavement between Sandy Lane and Solly Crescent - needs to be upgraded to make this route safer.

Refuge on Clayton bypass SW of Dane Street to form part of a safer route between the Retail / Business Park and the town centre (if West Street is eventually made one-way there will be space for a route into town)

Cycle path along Clayton bypass and Rood Hill from Shell garage to Giantswood Lane.

Cycle path filling the gap on Barn Road, between Shell garage and Marks and Spencer.

Signage from the West Road traffic lights outside the Cheshire Tavern, directing cyclists beside the cycle shop (Garden Street) to St. James Avenue, Prospect Street and along Crescent Road to provide a safer route to town from West Heath

Dedicated cycle path from Kinsey Street along south side of Mountbatten Way, using wide pavement alongside police station, crossing to Stonehouse Green, droppped kerb at end of this cul-de-sac, widen path into grass verge to Mill Street, … [more]

Replacement of staggered crossing at Lawton St / Bromley Road / Park Lane junction with Toucan

The entire area from the Beartown Cock / Antelope pub, across to Moor Street and turning into Spragg Street, all comprise pavements wide enough for cycle paths, which can serve as access to the town centre for Buglawton and Bromley Farm … [more]

Improved cycle access between Lawton Street and Wallworth's Bank.

Improved cycle access between Lawton Street and Wallworth's Bank.

Park Lane is a route linking the centre of town and the western parts of Macclesfield. Cyclists to and from the college and high schools are forced onto the narrow pavement by traffic and the poor state of the road

The railway bridge is dangerous to bicycles, the separate footway is not wide enough for pedestrians to pass let alone cycles. With the A555 providing a perfect alternative for most vehicles, why not use traffic lights to effectively … [more]

Very dangerous roundabout with 5 exits and narrow two lanes on the roundabout. Traffic lights would be beneficial. Waiting for the first fatality

Busy route to town cycle route needed!

Busy road pavement too narrow!

Unlit, very fast road unsafe to cycle on. Need a dedicated cycle lane for access from Red Bull lights Kidsgrove to Congleton in both directions with speed limit drop to 40mph. Currently this road is a 60mph+ race track with no alternative … [more]

Carriageway/overall highway space and road markings could be changed to allow wide cycle lanes linking from the town centre to the railway station.

Parking bays and central markings could be removed to allow space for a wide cycle lane

Parking bays could be removed to allow space for a wide cycle lane

Parking bays could be removed to allow space for a wide cycle lane

Visitors to the Jim Evison playing fields park vehicles on the shared use cycle path - no deterrents (i.e. bollards) Cycleway runs out at the Toucan crossing but it could be possible to extend the cycleway/lane into Wilmslow along Water … [more]

Bridge is closed to all till November but we were promised a walking bridge. There is a scaffold service bridge that could be improved to use

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